Issue with Gizmo Controls not Working in Babylon.js Scene

Hello Babylon.js Community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve recently encountered an issue with Gizmo controls in my Babylon.js scene, and I’m seeking some guidance or assistance to resolve it.

Here’s the situation:

I’ve added a GizmoManager to my scene using the following code:

const gizmoManager: Ref<GizmoManager | null> = ref(null)
gizmoManager.value = new GizmoManager(sceneRef.value)

gizmoManager.value.positionGizmoEnabled = true
gizmoManager.value.rotationGizmoEnabled = true
gizmoManager.value.scaleGizmoEnabled = true
gizmoManager.value.boundingBoxGizmoEnabled = true

document.onkeydown = (e) => {
  if (e.key === 'w') {
    gizmoManager.value.positionGizmoEnabled = !gizmoManager.value.positionGizmoEnabled
  if (e.key === 'e') {
    gizmoManager.value.rotationGizmoEnabled = !gizmoManager.value.rotationGizmoEnabled
  if (e.key === 'r') {
    gizmoManager.value.scaleGizmoEnabled = !gizmoManager.value.scaleGizmoEnabled
  if (e.key === 'q') {
    gizmoManager.value.boundingBoxGizmoEnabled = !gizmoManager.value.boundingBoxGizmoEnabled

The Gizmo appears in my scene, and I can successfully drag any mesh with my pointer. However, the controls for positionGizmoEnabled, rotationGizmoEnabled, and scaleGizmoEnabled don’t seem to be working. In fact, they don’t appear at all, regardless of what I do.

I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing or if there’s a known issue related to this. Any help or advice on how to troubleshoot and resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hello! Can you reproduce it on the PG or does it just happen in your scene? If it’s just your scene, can you share a more complete repro of it? It looks like you’re using React?

Sure , I`ve created this PG with the same code, and somehow everything displays there. Project is working on Vue. Do you have any Ideas why such problem appears ?

It might be something specifically related to the project setup, like some missing side effect. Can you share a repro of your vue project?