Issue with relative animation


This PG runs a relative animation. It should start to animate the position of sphere from the current position. Looped animation sequences are started correctly, relative to the spehere’s position.

Thank you!

I think relative mode repeats from the start key, not from the current value, but I might be mistaken, so I’ll tag @sebavan to check :slight_smile:

@Evgeni_Popov is the best with animations :slight_smile:

It should start from the current value in my opinion. Then it will be really relative :slight_smile:

However the same effect can be achieved by parenting the animated mesh and move the parent to the desired starting position but the simpler the better.

I agree that it would be better if relative mode started from the object’s current value, but if we change it, it will be a breaking change… We could consider it more of a bug, but the existing relative animations would still be broken…

I’ve created a PR anyway, so let’s see if we can merge it:

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What about to introduce another relative mode? RELATIVE_FROM_CURRENT let’s say…

thank you!

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I reported your idea on my PR, so let’s see what the team thinks.

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