JEEP WebGL Experience

Hi guys,
I would like to share one of the latest creations we made in WEDOO.

hope you like it
let me know what you think!


We have also created some environments:

And the vehicle is configurable: D


This looks amazing !!!

Can @PirateJC feature it on the babylon website ?

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Sure! I’m very happy!!!

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@Klm24 this is AWESOME! Fantastic work!

I’ll add it to the website now!

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Thank you!
The team will be happy to see it published!

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It should be live in a few minutes!

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Thank you @PirateJC, if is possible can you mention the name of studio WEDOO?


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Yup on it!

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I changed the name to WEDOO.

Give it a few minutes and then refresh and you should see it :slight_smile:

Please pass our congrats and admiration to the studio! Fantastic use of 3D and Babylon! We love it!

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@Klm24 really nice work! i don’t suppose there is an easter egg and we can drive the jeeps on site! :laughing:

Also, if you are not in US then choose US site - otherwise you will be redirected to non-3d.

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I love this! I just took delivery two weeks ago on my new 4xe, would’ve loved to play with this during the ordering process!

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Thank you very much! @PirateJC :grinning:

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Ahahah! @brianzinn, maybe in the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@jelster thank you! :grinning:

Really nice demo. Just a couple of issues I have seen: Changing wheel reloads page even if I select same opinion over and over again, there should be a check here. Changing color is also reload page it should be instantaneous.

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@HiteshSahu thanks for your notes :slight_smile: