Jitter in rendering postProcess

Hi there,

I’m just playing around to get familar with this lib and noticed some jittering in the ocean-postprocess as seen here: ocean zbuffer quirk
(Note: you have to choose babylon version 4.0.3 as the shader was removed later)

It seems that there is a zbuffering (camerasync) problem and the cube or ocean uses an old buffer so there is a white border (=clearColor) around the cube when the camera will move.

I’m playing with this strange behaviour since three days for now to understand why this happens and have no clue.

Anyone has any suggestions?

thx in advance.

Maybe it’s the cameraRotation / cameraPosition uniform variables that were lagging and did not match the true current values.

Or it is the geometry buffer that is generating its outputs with the camera data from the previous frame…

It’s hard to tell more as the code is not in the repo anymore.