Key action bug in NME when deleting numeric value


Wanted to report on github but it seems the MO is to get it verified on here first.

I found some buggy behaviour in NME. When I hit backspace in the text field when editing a parameter value of a node, it deletes the whole node. Specifically this happens if its a number parameter - at least it does not happen with text fields like “name” and “comment”. Known nodes with problem: all VectorN nodes.

After clicking the input field, it becomes active (focused) and adding characters works, but backspace just deletes the whole node.

Behaviour persists on windows - Chrome and Edge; and Mac: Chrome and Safari.

I dont think its some weird setting that I toggled, as the behaviour is present on first page visit on a clean browser.

Can you make sure to refresh your cache? It was an issue I think I fixed but I can be wrong :slight_smile:

No wait! I can repro :slight_smile:
Will be fixed super soon :smiley:

Move lock object down the graph by deltakosh · Pull Request #12706 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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Awesome! It still is messed up, but I guess the update is not live yet.