Value not changing in NME

Hello guys!
I’ve captured a bug on video in NME. Would you please have a look at this issue please?

When I click on two other inputs, it refreshes but the slider is working just after reselecting the node.

This seems to be somehow related to this:

Thank you!

Adding @Deltakosh as he fixed the previous one

Can you share a repro?

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Also make sure you are on the latest version by clearing the cache and refreshing the page

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Hey @Deltakosh !
It can be repro on a new node material. I’ve just tried it on Firefox. I have never run NME in that browser before so it was a clean start. Here are two videos capturing the buggy moments.

This is getting interesting at the end (FFW to 50s). Chrome, cache cleared:

This is Firefox:

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

Can you share your nme as well?

It was a blank nme created from scratch.
EDIT: I mean the default one.

Could create an issue for me on the repo?


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Alright! thanks a lot buddy

will be fix by next nightly!


Glad to help bro!

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