KHR_draco_mesh_compression usage

Here a question about GLTF Serializer options we have.
Implementing the Draco Compression for an asset is given the choice to hold

  • the compressed buffer
  • the compressed buffer AND the uncompressed buffer

in the second case, it’s a non-sens to get only one *.bin file for the assets.
However, the actual version of the serializer is NOT support multi binary target.
In other hand, the serializer is saving a GLB, so getting every *.bin file into a single file will be similar of the second case.
So the question is
Do we keep the only one compressed bin for now and discard the uncompressed version and assume that the file will be readable ONLY by GLTF reader which are supporting draco extension ? (which is seem raisonable from my short term perspective )
this implies to choose the primitive_2 path into the following schema

And define

"extensionsRequired" : [

@bghgary @Deltakosh @sebavan @RaananW ??

I am all in to keep the compressed one only.

@bghgary do you see any issues with this approach ? and is it still compliant ?

Seems reasonable to me if Draco compression is requested by the user to always compress everything and make it required.

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