KTX vs KTX2 format

There seem to be two different articles about using KTX format textures.

One described a KTX2 format, which seems to be a browser standard. Another describes ktx files that seem more to be wrappers around other formats (astc-ktx, etc).
Is KTX2 supported across all browsers? If so, I’m assuming that is the preferred one to use?


KTX2(and .basis) have this “Universal supercompression” Meaning that once downloaded, a worker thread transcodes them to a real compression format. Meaning it picks the optimal format for the hardware the person is viewing with and that is what’s sent back to main thread

The first article is talking about device specific the ‘older’ way. Which is you offline generate a version of a texture for each different CPU (mytex-astc.ktx, mytex-etc2.ktx, mytex-pvrtc.ktx etc etc ). Babylon for instance then letting you know which suffix to download.

KTX2 is definitely the modern and recommended solution. For ALL cases, like constantly/en masse` during runtime, the jury is still out, with some users at least :face_exhaling:


Is there a way to tell if the browser supports ktx2? Aka is there is a chance that on some old browser I’ll pass a ktx2 file to Babylon and it will error out?

I think as long as it supports ES6 Promises and WebAssembly/workers… so basically, no ie11 :joy:

Perfect thank you!