KTX2 questions: missing tools link and huge files sizes

Does anyone know where the ktx2 batch scripts are . Link to the docs to the repo are broken:

I tried manually converting a 1k png to ktx2 Using the PVRTextToolGuI. The file went from 2mb to almost 16mb when its compressed. I get that in the GPU the texture takes up much less memory but are these large disk sizes normal? Anyone point me to docs on options to tweak the compression settings?. The PVRTexTool seems limited with no compression options.

The large file sizes along with limited device supported is leading us away from KTX unfortunately but we’d still like to do our due diligence in evaluating this.


also PVRTexToolGUI does not seem to be able to produce dxt-ktx files. Im wondering if there is a better conversion tool that can batch convert to all the various formats for the different platorms?

Let me add @Evgeni_Popov and @bghgary to this thread :slight_smile:

I think you should look at .ktx2 instead:

There are some links at the end of the page on tools you can use to generate and tweak .ktx2 files.


Check this - https://gltf-transform.donmccurdy.com/

Also note that the whole point of KTX2 in glTF is to store BasisU payload which only needs one payload and not different payloads per platform. See here.

@bghgary @sebvan ahh yes KTX2 seems to bundle all of it. Hard to keep up with all these new formats lol. I will experiment with Chronos CLI tools and report back…stay tuned and Thanks all.

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