KTX2 and Babylon React-Native

Seems like the lib is not ready for any KTX compressing textures right?
I tried multiple compressing tools to compress my existing glb file (43MB) to make it mobile friendly but without any luck:
RuntimeError: Unable to load from https://sensaexplore.s3.amazonaws.com/a27e133f7a93571ac2739f6dd8071bd6_output.glb: Unable to get absolute URL. Override BABYLON.Tools.GetAbsoluteUrl to a custom implementation for the current context.

Did anyone got it to work on iOS or Android on react-native?

Thanks in advance

I do not think it is supported.

cc @bghgary as it seems to be a recurring topic.

No, it is not supported yet. The main issue is WebAssembly support. Once we can use WASM, then it should be relatively straight-forward to get KTX2 support.

Thank you for the super quick response. No problem I will wait for that for sure. Also I was able to compress the textures of my glb by using GitHub - donmccurdy/glTF-Transform: glTF 2.0 SDK for JavaScript and TypeScript, on Web and Node.js. but obvious by using different formats.

I appreciate all work you guys are doing here.