KTX2 As Six Sided Skybox Cubemap Textures

Yo @bghgary … Did we ever get KTX2 files working with the six sided Cubemap texture?

Do we just specify the faces like:


Anybody got any ideas ?

Yes, I think the cube loader can take any type of files as long as there is a loader for it. As .ktx2 are supported it should work.

Note that per the spec a single .ktx2 file can contain a whole cube texture but it is not supported yet by our .ktx2 loader.


Sorry @MackeyK24, I read this before but somehow didn’t reply. What @Evgeni_Popov should be right, but I don’t know that we’ve actually tested it. Let us know if you see any issues.

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Hi @bghgary,
I’ve tried to use ktx2 images as the 6 sides of a cube texture using the CubeTexture.CreateFromImages method and I cannot get it to work. The cubemap is assigned to a skybox and seems to be transparent/not drawn.
The exact same process works fine with jpg or png images.
This is with babylonjs v5Beta4.

FYI, the ktx2 files I tested were generated using the toktx command line tool with the following params:
toktx --genmipmap --bcmp --clevel 5

Can you set up a playground so we can check it? Thanks.

Hi @bghgary,
Here is a working playground with jpg files: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#UU7RQ#2442

Here is a broken playground with ktx2 files: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#UU7RQ#2443

Note that these ktx2 files were generated with the command:
toktx --bcmp --clevel 5


Thanks. I debugged it a bit. Unfortunately, this isn’t supported yet. Sorry about this. Feel free to file a feature request.