Laggy ArcRotationCamera rotation Mac

I noticed that our Babylonjs setup reacts rather odd on our MacBook Air. The lighting rotates but the mesh doesn’t. the mesh only updates every other second, as can be seen in the video I attached. The console doesn’t show any errors either.

We also use the optimizer to lower the intensity, but the FPS stays at a decent steady 60 despite this weird phenomenon. I noticed it gets worse, the more complex the model is. Also using Chrome instead of Safari only slightly decreases this issue, but it still remains there.

Huh, that’s definitely weird. Are you able to share a playground repro with your models?

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Shooting in the dark: Can you set all your meshes to ‘mesh.isPickable = false’ ?

I’ve tried recreating my setup in playground but I can’t get it to have the same weird behavior oddly enough. @Deltakosh I’ve tried doing this but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Something I did notice is that when I disable the Environment Texture, or if I enable a color overlay/outline for the mesh, the rotation turns back to normal. Likewise if I toggle them back it goes back to being laggy, I am not sure how these settings relate to the behavior though.

Turning on Need Depth Pre-pass on the material also fixes it, this however won’t be an option because it messes with the behavior I want of transparent objects.

It will be hard to help without a repro. Maybe you can set up a, page, or something similar?

Hi @Forsaken just checking in, were you able to provide a repro?

No, due to priorities and having found a “hotfix” solution I didn’t take the time to create a repro yet.