Babylon mesh flickering/flashing bug

Hi there,

This is a bit of a strange bug report. No one on our team can reproduce this bug, but we are reaching out to the community to see if anyone has ever experienced something similar.

We had a user load a scene, and the mesh in the scene began to flicker rapidly. I have attached a video below to demonstrate. As I said, we cannot reproduce this bug, and are just looking to see if anyone can point us in any direction.

Thank you.

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can it be a mouse bug? Could be something like the mouse wheel is acting up

Interesting! Well try disabling mouse scroll.

Other things of note: this bug is browser agnostic. When the user experiences the bug, it will happen across edge, chrome, Firefox and safari.

The interesting thing is we had one other person experience this bug. they factory reset their machine, and then restored their applications from a back up. The bug was recreated. They factory reset again and then it reinstalled their applications 1 by 1, and that resolved the issue.

Is it possible that it could be another application interacting with Babylon or even webGL?

@Deltakosh We are starting to narrow it down. It seems to happen most consistently on Intel Macbooks with small amounts of VRAM. Do you think it could be a memory issue?

Thinking like David it is related to inputs.

I am pretty sure it is not memory related nor another app interacting with WebGL

Fair enough. Do you have any hypothesis on why it seems to exclusively happen on intel based macbooks?

EDIT: It happens on intel based macbooks WITHOUT a dedicated GPU. Intel macbooks WITH a dedicated GPU work fine.

Pretty much sounds to me like a driver issue. Did you make a search in the forum. I sort of remember there was something similar recently around intel GPUs in mac. If I find it, I will post the link here.

there’s your problem :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:
jokes aside, this is a strange one! Good luck

I think you’re bang on. If it is a driver bug, what is the remedy?

Well, I’m afraid it won’t be just a ‘piece of cake’ :cake: :sweat_smile: since it’s Apple :grimacing:
It’s about posting on the WebGL forum/support from Apple. I don’t have the link at hand. You should be able to find it either in this forum (must have been posted a number of times :grin:) or find it somewhere in the clumsy Apple support. If you can’t find it, let me know. Once this is done, wait a decade or two and if you’re lucky you’ll get a reply and if you’re insanely lucky, they will make a fix. In which case, you should go buy a lottery ticket :crossed_fingers: :crazy_face:

Edit: I think @br-matt managed to get a direct contact if I’m not mistaken. May be he would be willing to put in a word for you? Oh, and I nearly forgot, don’t mention chrome or firefox. Just say the bug occurs in Safari. Apple doesn’t care about third-parties and if they read from it, they will tell you it’s not their problem.