Large glb model

Hii guys i been working on 3d model room glb file which is greater than 90 mb , which i have uploaded to an s3 bucket ,
now i am accessing it , but now loading that file takes upto 5 to 10 minutes
i think i am doing it wrong ,
please help me , if any one has any idea or their is another way to deal with large model

Seems that your server has a limited bandwidth. I remember such cases with s3, but since I don’t use it I cannot give the advice which settings you need to check there.
Anyway, 5 minutes for 90 Mb is tooooo much. Probably you are able to upload your GLB to another cloud service like Dropbox and check the downloading speed?

One may optimize it here -

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Hi labris
i am trying to make something like this

i see in network they are not loading glb file , they are using bin file and images
how can i achive this
do you any idea .

When exporting from Blender (for example) choose GLTF Separate (gltf+bin+textures).

Anyway, 90 Mb is a way too much. Should be around 20 Mb with all furniture.

but how will i use this to load model ,
is their any way.
I get multiple file when i export

One may load it the same way as other files - Babylon.js Playground

For example, if ImportMeshAsync - - rootUrl is a string that defines the root url for the scene and resources or the concatenation of rootURL and filename.

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