GLTF, GLB Model Optimization Load

Hello! I’m Park Tae-soo, a beginner at Babylonjs.
Is there any way to load a model load faster when you call up a large model (gltf, glb)?
The model I’m currently using is about 403mb, and it takes a lot of load when I bring it in!
Can I get help if there is a solution to optimization for this?
For reference, we did the method of reducing the pixels of texts and applying the low polygon of the model.

Welcome! It would be best to create a playground: with your imported model to see what the issue could be. 403mb for a file is quite large. If this is a large file with a lot of assets it might be best to break it up, assuming it’s a lot of separate meshes like an environment. Also, take a look at your materials, are they massive textures? That can oftentimes be the culprit.


This thread may be helpful - What are the best practices for environment meshes made for Babylon?


Hello @qkrxotn7287 just checking in, was your question answered? :smiley:

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I’m sorry. I watched it too late
Your answer was very helpful​:blush::blush:

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