Lines on Highlight layer

I used to be able to add lines to a highlight layer, I would love to be able to add lines to a glow layer. I have tried creating tubes instead of lines, but performance is much better with lines.


That is an old screenshot where lines were working on a highlight layer.

Maybe something changed, but is there anyway to make lines glow in 3.3.0+?

Pinging @sebavan

I ll take a look ASAP

Thank you!

The fix is in and will be available with the next nightly: Fix Effects on Lines and Sheen BRDF + low albedo BRDF by sebavan · Pull Request #6025 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

This playground should work right after the push:

You can notice the use of a customColorSelector as the material does not have an emissive property and we can not infer its color.

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Awesome! Thank you!

That is fantastic. I now have glowing lines. Can I do the same with a Highlight Layer now as well? I tried using the customEmissiveColorSelector function but couldn’t get the same effect.

While I love the glow on the lines, it is a bit aggressive for Objects that are in front of the lines, you still see the glow on them.

A quick example image image

And a playground

Ping @sebavan

It is because you need to set to black the sphere, excluding it let the glow visible behind it by design:

Ahhh I had no idea, beautiful!.

Thanks again!