How to Outline a LinesMesh

Hello !

I have a question about LinesMesh. Is it possible to outline it ?
I want to “highlight” a line when I select it but until now, I don’t have any good results…

If you have suggstion or an alternative, I’ll be glad to read it ! :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hey and welcome!!
adding @sebavan

Did you check our Highlight layer ??? Highlight a Mesh - Babylon.js Documentation or Glow Layer ???

A starting Playground would be amazing to try on it ?

You can use the highlight layer for that:

Hello all and thank you for your quick answers !

Unfortunately, I have already test these functions (Glow, HightLight, Outline and EdgeRenderer too !) but I’m looking for a solid hightlight, like outline renderer but working for LinesMesh. Maybe can I perform this with the HighlightLayer but with particular settings ?

No, the highlight layer won’t work for that.

I think one way to do it would be to replace the lines by thin triangles and use the outline renderer.