Load particle helper textures locally

I have set the BaseAssetsUrl but it won’t load the textures in the json file locally.
The json file loads fine.

BABYLON.ParticleHelper.BaseAssetsUrl = “./assets/star/”;

The textures are in that directory.

What are the error in the console?

https://assets.babylonjs.com/particles/textures/T_SunSurface.png 404
https://assets.babylonjs.com/particles/textures/T_SunFlare.png 404

BJS - [18:16:35]: Error while trying to load image: https://assets.babylonjs.com/particles/textures/T_SunSurface.png
BJS - [18:16:35]: Error while trying to load image: https://assets.babylonjs.com/particles/textures/T_SunFlare.png

I changed the path in the json file to the local path.

can you repro in the PG? (with images from the PG of course)