Loading a scene from Dropbox and having the actions on the meshes

Hello everyone! I am trying to implement a load function on my room builder tool. I managed to load it but I am unable to interact with the meshes even though the meshes already have actions programmed on it.

Below is the code that I use. You can ignore the else part. Is there a reason why I am unable to interact with the meshes ? Thank you for your help!

            var loadNotif = confirm("Do you want to load?");

            if(loadNotif == true){
                // get the canvas DOM element
                console.log("loadNotif is true");
                var canvas = document.getElementById('renderCanvas');
                var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true);
                BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load("https://dl.dropbox.com/s/8y4mjxww03t7kf0/", "testScene.babylon", engine, function (newScene){



                window.addEventListener('resize', function(){
                var app = new App();
                window.addEventListener('resize', function(){

“…interact with the meshes…”

What does this mean?
Interact how? I don’t see any code indicating any kind of interaction, picking, etc, etc

“…have actions programmed …”

what kind of actions? what triggers?

do you have a live sample to debug`?

Hi aWeirdo! Yes each of the mesh in the scene that I’m trying to load has use actions programmed to it. I currently do not have a live sample working but I see if I can somehow reproduce it in the playground

I have somewhat recreated the tool that I am trying to build onto the playground. Before the tool instantiates, the above code runs and if the user chooses to load, the program will run the scene that I uploaded onto dropbox. Else, it will redirect the user to the tool with nothing on it so that the user can commence building. I don’t know if it helps but do let me know if there is anything further that you need to know! Oh and please run it on Chrome:)


So far so good… (confirm load & then click top button behind FPS label)

I’d really suggest generating a custom json file with just positions, colors, etc, instead of serializing the entire scene.

Thanks for you help! I decided to try to generate my own custom json file instead. Thanks!