Loading Animations - Offset is outside the bounds of the DataView


So I’ve been trying to load animations with SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync() or SceneLoader.AppendAsync() but with no success. I keep getting error:

Offset is outside the bounds of the DataView

This only happens with animations. Even when I’m trying just 2 frame animation. When it’s just a 1 frame (so not an animation) then it loads just fine. I remember I managed to do it few weeks ago… So maybe that’s because I’m using 5.0.0-beta.7?

I get the same error with sandbox!

Can you repro or share the model maybe?

Here’s the model Dwarf.zip (3.8 MB)

My project is in quite a mess. I’d have to clean up to share the repo too.

I can repro with the sandbox

cc @bghgary

Your model has some errors:

You can see them by dropping it here:
glTF Validator (khronos.org)

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Thx for that validator, it will be useful in the future for me! However when my model without animation has errors too on the validator. But it loads just fine.

I’m trying to prepare some repo for both: animated and non-animated

We can compensate some errors but not all so my recommendation is definitely to fix the errors in your export first

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Ok I will try to use Blender to export the animation for this asset. Currently I’m using HoudiniFX to export glTF. Maybe they have different exporter

Yeah… It looks like there’s some issue with the model. When I load it in Blender it’s all messed up. But it exports a clean glTF without any errors.

Well this is now how the dwarf is suppose to look like :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll try to investigate what went wrong with the 3d asset

Ok so I managed to find the problem! However it was not easy to find.

Since all the loaded .fbx animations in Blender looked broken (weird bones transformations) like in the post above, at first I thought it’s the exporter from Mixamo is broken.

Yet the same animation imported to HoudiniFX looked properly. And I trust HoudiniFX more than Blender.

Also I noticed that most of the errors from the validator were:

“Invalid accessor format ‘{VEC4, FLOAT}’ for this attribute semantic. Must be one of (’{VEC3, FLOAT}’).”

However without the attribute name. But because Houdini is so great and you can see all attributes in the inspector. I’ve found two extra vector3 attributes @tangentu and @tangentv. Well vector3 is not vector4, so maybe during the export it changes these attributes to quaternions?

I just removed those two attributes with Attribute Delete SOP > exported > and the verification goes through nicely and the animations load just fine.

Oh I love Houdini so much. I’ve no idea how I’d even fix or debug that with other 3d packages!

And here’s my beautiful animared dwarf:


Man! this is EXCELLENT! So glad you found it