Loading assets from the filesystem using Node and NullEngine

Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding to asset loading with the NullEngine. Trying to put my current game project to a hosting service (that uses docker images) and realized it would be much simpler if the game server that uses NullEngine could fetch the models from the local filesystem rather than doing http requests to web server x. This would also be for the fact that there are no dependencies to other services. I have the option of course to host the assets in the server, but I just wanted to confirm if it is possible to load models/assets from the filesystem itself, so I wouldn’t need to make any web requests.

So, any idea if this is possible? :slight_smile:

Also found this thread which kind of has the same problem:

The solution there was the creation of a server that serves the assets as static files. However, I would not like to resort into this, since it seems like a weird roundtrip and extra hassle to a more straightforward way of loading the assets… Any takers on the matter?

I don’t know node enough unfortunately but I guess this is perhaps better suited for a node forum? We are using the webRequest class to request all files and maybe you could overload this class to provide one that would use node file api?

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