Load glTF as it appears in the sandbox

Hi i’ve been trying to load my glTF’s as they appear in the sandbox but right now I am getting an xml parsing error?

I am using the variant with the .bin and textures seperate

All models work fine in the sandbox btw, not sure what you’re doing over there…

BABYLON.SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer(path, file, scene, function (container) {

                var meshes = container.meshes;

                var materials = container.materials;


                // Adds all elements to the scene



Unfortunately without a repro we cannot help you find the culprit.
Can you share a live link somewhere?

Okay whoops I was a little bit too quick, I was forgetting to set default environment/lights and stuff… and I might also have been loading from a non-public folder by accident because I was still figuring out where I would put the files.

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