《Local War》Online first-person shooter

That sometimes happens to me when I type too fast. :smiley:

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@Givo Does this sentence refer to the previous question? I’m sorry I didn’t catch your meaning.:thinking:

Oop, sorry for the late reply.

@renjianfeng what I mean the loacl typo is local but with the c and a swapped. Sometimes when I type to fast I leave out a letter or do this typo, like if I just had typed tyop instead (I actually did on accident :upside_down_face:)

I was just referring to the typo. Nothing big.

You can do a PR on our homepage directly then:

I’m done @Deltakosh

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It is live!

Hi,I added a new server that only accepts socket service. I hope this can reduce the access delay of users in the United States and surrounding areas. This server does not take care of other resources, such as pictures and model files, so your loading speed will still be slow. If you have free CDN services available, you can contact me, as a thank you, I can put your personal or organizational advertising on the home page.:blush:

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The America server works great!
Did you start the project with three.js?

@renjianfeng two effing months - are you kidding me? Please let me know what performance and mind altering drugs you’re using because I want me some of those!

Great work.


@Givo This project has been using babylonjs as the 3d engine.:slightly_smiling_face:

@inteja Well, models, and most of the material with ready-made, I just use them directly, so this has saved a lot of time, before that, I have developed dozens of using babylonjs project, so the part before the code framework can also be used directly, I need to learn is actually only nodejs + socket. IO, so the content of the work is not so much as it seems.:sweat_smile:

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@renjianfeng even so, it’s an impressive timeframe.

I’m curious if you have seen the Colyseus multiplayer game server for node.js? It uses socket.io. I’m a bit of a Colyseus fanboy - it’s actively developed and has a strong community.

@inteja I have a general look at Colyseus, it is indeed much more convenient than the “socket.io” I am using at present, my server code is not very much, I will try to use Colyseus to re-implement socket communication.

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Crying in azerty keyboard :slight_smile:

Looks to works well, counter-strike-like but with aim (good point).

Fun, I killed someone haha. But then they left… anyways, my K/D is 1-0, not bad :grinning:

@renjianfeng I was just wondering because I found the easter-egg too, and saw three.js. (I have used three.js in the past)


Also, even on the American server, the models don’t load in.

I even tried setting “allow unsandboxed plugin access” to true in chrome settings and didn’t fix the issue. Definitely an issue on my part.

I did try on a different laptop, and it worked great! :smiley: (I was using a trackpad. RIP K/D ratio)

It’s really fun!

This is amazing, will you be releasing the source code? It would be a great contribution to babylonjs.

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@Givo Oh, this is the name of a QQ technical group that specializes in webgl related discussions. They helped me with the test, so I wrote the name of this group.

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@Sme Yes, there are too few people playing now

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@Vinc3r Support for azerty keyboard hasn’t been added yet, and yes it USES the counter-strike model, https://gamebanana.com/