Looking for a senior full stack dev to work on online ordering system written with Babylon

Our company is growing and is looking for another skipped developer to add to our dev team.

We’re Boardera, we’re out to make online ordering of circuit boards as easy as online ordering of a pizza is today. We take customer’s design files, analyze them, come up with a price and show them in 3D what they’ll get at the end of the day. Typical circuit board ordering takes many conversations back and forth to determine exactly what the customer needs. We’re showing them what they’ll get so they can confirm it before we even take the order.

We are leveraging the power of Babylon.js to bring our WYSIWYG circuit board platform to market.

To learn more and apply, check out the link below:

This looks like a great opportunity!

One word of advice, when looking to hire more experienced developers, you’ll generally get a stronger response if you post numeric values for the salary range rather than “ranges are based on industry averages”.

Other than that, looks like a super interesting use of Babylon.JS

Looooks like a delicious opportunity and I hope the community will bite into it… (@PirateJC would be proud of me)

Super Awesome!

Can’t wait to see more of what you’re working on.

Can you share any live demos of circuitboards in 3D that we can check out?