Golden paths for Babylonjs with React

Following the announcement on “golden paths” for Babylon. Just wanted to share some github projects I have made to pave the road for React. They are all open source, so invite contributions from the community.

Typescript example website

Javascript example website (state mgmt, routing, etc)




I am currently working on a face-detection 3d AR example. There are 2 versions one with tensorflow and one with mediapipe + holistic - hopefully ready this month. Next I would like to make a React Native example for Android/iOS. Also, I have been asked in the main project there is a discussion to port a game to React. For the time being I am mostly too busy and lots of requests on main project take away from that time, but slow and steady :slight_smile:
If you have an open source project with React even without react-babylonjs or babylonjs-hook and want to share then here is a good place. Cheers.


@syntheticmagus we should link these in the doc!!

Looks awesome! @brianzinn, do you think this would make a good Dev Story? That face detection thing in particular sounds awesome; and given how often I’ve heard of people trying to do “snapchat filters,” I’m guessing a lot of people we love to be able to follow along with how you did it!

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I’d be happy to make a dev story with quick setup instructions. I can get a React + Babylon.js going in a couple of minutes from scratch.

Also, for a configuration I see you have that as a golden path. Maybe we can use the shoe model with variants and build an e-commerce site. I could build one of those if I had CC0 models for a GitHub demo.


Fantastic! Just a heads-up, I’ll be less responsive than usual over the holidays, but please do ping me if you want to talk more about this!

Something along ecommerce lines is definitely the objective, though I currently don’t have a thorough picture of what that looks like. If you have have something in mind (or already existing), I’d love to learn more about it and potentially combine efforts!