Remote Babylon.js Position (React, TypeScript, Redux)

[Fully remote, paid position + open source!]

I’m a Software Engineer at FAANG, working on a massive open-source side project (to be launched soon).

:satellite: We’re building a cloud-based platform for designing antennas directly from your browser. It consists of a full-fledged 3D CAD interface built with Babylon.js, that allows you to model an antenna and let our physics engine simulate it using complicated electromagnetics math and return some results (its radiating characteristics, operating frequency range etc.).

:hammer: It supports importing STEP/STL files, creating shapes from scratch, translating/rotating/scaling, boolean operations (merge, subtract, intersect & insert), measuring distances, and many more.

A few screenshots…


Mesh (discretizes the geometry for the physics engine)


We are looking for a web-developer experienced with Babylon.js — ideally, someone who’s built awesome things with it and is up-to-date with the latest updates. Bonus points if you’ve also contributed to the source code of Babylon.js!

:computer: Our tech stack includes:

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • TailwindCSS
  • Babylon.JS (obviously!)
  • Git for version control & collaboration (hosted on GitHub)

If you’re familiar with most of those, please leave a comment and send me a PM with your contact details!

:thinking: If you’re curious about our backend/cloud infrastructure (which you don’t need to have any experience in at all, as I’m responsible for all these), we use the following tech:

  • Python
  • AWS
    • Amplify (for web hosting & PR previews)
    • EC2 (compute nodes for simulations)
    • S3 (storage bucket for simulation data)
    • Lambda (serverless functions)
    • Docker (for Lambda images)
    • API Gateway (for Lambda functions)
    • Cloudwatch (for monitoring Lambda logs)
    • Cognito (user authentication)

Block diagram of the cloud infrastructure

(again, no need to know about any of this!)


Awesome project! Good luck with recruiting!


Looks like a cool project - thanks for sharing visualizations! Good luck finding a candidate :smile:

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PM sent.