Looking for sample corporate WebVr projects

Have you or your company created a sample business/corporate VR project?

I want samples used for study. Please share the URL!

Hi 1113! I assume you have visited https://www.babylonjs.com/community? There’s a LOT of demos, there.

I suppose… a BIG factor in using 3D/VR on a biz-site… is IF/NOT you have “models” to show… and in what detail. Conversely, if it is a “services” company, you won’t have many models (of manufactured/re-sold products), but you will use VR/3D to sell those services. (like flying-in/out text… possibly on panels, walls, ceilings, across terrains, possibly with particle trails, fire/smoke post-processes, and other text-flying hoopla).

Watch an average pickup truck commercial on TV. Big “BUILT TOUGH” flies onto the screen… in HUGE fonts, with a sound effect, then flies-away again, to show something else for a while. Then “TWO YEAR/24,000-Mile Warranty!” in massive fonts, then the wall of bricks it was printed-upon… explodes into pieces… etc etc. Just a whole lot of “look at me, look at this”. KER-BLAM! BE MOVED! :smiley:

Conversely, a products-based thing… where the company manufactures many products… that is a larger task, of course. You’ll need to model the products, and then present the site in a more “shopping mall” type of way… welcome them, show them how to tour/nav, and let their curiosity, and a large, beautiful store… do the rest.

SO, it might be wise to determine here and now… what kind of corporate VR site example you are seeking… and then maybe we can help better. Can you please give us a few more details? Thx.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have a WebVR project already be used in mobile phone or Headset Design approach, I want to know how to design ui or control method in a VR project for business use.