Low quality rendering in canvas until the inspector is opened?

Everything worked perfectly and without my knowingly updating anything it stopped working as before. Basically i have video textures associated with incoming streams that get mapped to planes and then display in the canvas at various positions. I added a sphere and a box for good measure to keep things honest and ensure that my 3D objects were in the same space as the video textures. The streams are reasonably high res and it all looked perfect.

I loaded it again after shutting down (there were no updates that i am aware of) and now the canvas displays EVERYTHING in ultra low quality, anti-alisasing is completely shot, everything is jagged, the whole thing looks as if it is has been scaled up from 80x60 postage stamp.

Checked all the source, no git changes, nothing changed. Browser, no updates. Eventually i loaded the inspector to see if i could figure anything out and lo and behold the act of loading the inspector fixes the issue. All of a sudden it’s all hi-res and perfect as before. Closing the inspector it stays that way?

Now perhaps, whatever the inspector did to fix this is what i might now myself need to do…or it’s a bug?

Hey @tez welcome to the forums !

Hmm perhaps the Inspector is causing a window resize event and somehow your initial resolution is not getting set correctly ?

Could you try resizing the window after your app has loaded and see if that also fixes the issue ?


Hey br-matt, in parallel to your response I was thinking along the same lines and explicitly went and fixed the size of the canvas using .width and .height. Seems style.width/height in css was not enough. I’m going to chalk this down as not a bug. It appears my canvas which used to be 1280x720 was of a much smaller size on startup. I’m not sure why it used to work, strange, I’d like to say nothing changed, except i know computers well, so probably everything changed.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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