Inspector causes html canvas height and width to grow perpetually

Works fine in the playground of course but not working in my own code. Could it be something different in my html structure causing this?

cc @carolhmj

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How are you invoking the Inspector? Are you passing any options to it?

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I have seen this before too, and it was not just the inspector it was resizes to the browser for me as well. Totally thought I was the only one having this happen…

I switched to Brave and it stopped. I am assuming you are using Chrome right?

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With and without the option. Both do the same.

var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(this.engine);{
			embedMode: true,

@Pryme8 , I’m using Edge but it happens in Chrome too.

If you watch the html canvas element in the inspector, the height/width numbers are being updated by something.

@ajw1970 can you try calling it with handleResize: false?


Perfect! Thank you!

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