Major flickering issues with Video Recording

Hi ya’ll :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed major flickering issues with the .webm output of BABYLON.VideoRecorder. From when I last checked about a year and a half ago, the same flickering issues are still there for a lot of scenes.

Here is a sample PG:

After the GLB has loaded, run the Inspector>Capture>Record Video option. Record for about 2-3 seconds (doesnt matter that much). Then view the .webm file. Almost all frames have degraded rendering like this

My guess is it’s a compression issue.
I’ve tried changing the renderChunk size and still no luck.

Apparently changing the mimeType to ‘video/webm;codecs=h264’ seems to make things a lot better

var recorder = new BABYLON.VideoRecorder(_engine, { fps: 60, recordChunckSize: 3000000, mimeType: ‘video/webm;codecs=h264’ });

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