Make and Play: kids (and grownups) can create their own custom 3D-printed toys is a browser-based app that allows kids, grown-ups, or anyone else to design their own real-life toys, jewelry and other 3D objects. They can order their favorites, which are then 3D printed and shipped to them.

I’ve had a lot of fun working on this and using it with my son. Check out my twitter thread from today for some background and motivation.


Well done and congrats !!!

cc @PirateJC :slight_smile:

Oh so fun! I LOVE it! My kids are going to eat this up!

Also tweeted about it from the Babylon account:

Thanks guys! Let me know if you or they build anything cool or need any help!

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This is SO COOL! I love how you have the examples to follow, and how intuitive the build-by-drawing method is :smiley:

Thank you! I have some cool updates in the pipeline. If nobody minds, I’ll keep posting them here as they come out.

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YES! We love the updates! Keep them coming!

What a really great idea. I luv it :heart_eyes:
Will you keep this just for fun or will you be trying to push this to the next level?
You might have uncovered something here. Ever thought of trying to present this idea to a toy company?
Have a great weekend :smiley:

Edit: sry, was just thinking. Did you also think of making things like puzzles or 3D puzzles?
Or other types of interactive games for young children or even adults? I believe there would be a lot to do around this idea to make it popular.

I’m glad to hear that it sounds intriguing to you! I actually do have ambitions to try to scale this up to many many kids and adults creating their own playthings (whether or not the world agrees remains to be seen :wink:).

These playthings could well include games and puzzles, along with toys. One example I’ve played with is designing custom chess pieces, but this could obviously extend to people making pieces for their own custom games or puzzles.

Rather than talking to toy companies for the moment, I’m most interested in finding enthusiastic users (kids or grown-ups) to find out what I need to do to maximize the possible fun and creativity. Let me know if you can think of any – I’d be happy to help them get past any rough edges!