Bitbybit CAD for BabylonJS developers

Hello community,

I wanted to share a short course that was recorded recently introducing BabylonJS devs to our CAD platform and algorithms. If you’re interested in building web 3D configurators this might be valuable to you. Not too long ago BabylonJS was fully exposed through Monaco (TypeScript) editor similar to playground and many new interesting use cases opened. Here is the link to the course:

Also the playlist is available directly on youtube

Here are some open-source examples that you can try out which use HAVOK physics and BabylonJS GUI, I believe these can also be useful for people who try to learn these things. I’d say best to run those on a desktop.

And for those who are too busy, I have few youtube vids showcasing those features

Keep in mind that all assets were designed either directly in code (procedurally) or by using our parametric editors on :smiley:

If you’re not into using our editors here’s the link to our NPM package which you can integrate in your own websites, it exposes same core algorithms

And here are few examples on our github that show how to set up some basic CAD configurators with React or Angular

If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact me :wink:



This is SO COOL! I watched the first video and it was very cool to see the shape being built step by step :slight_smile: It looks fun for 3D printing stuff :slight_smile:

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Thanks @carolhmj, glad you like it! Indeed, parametric configurators for 3D printable objects is something that I’m working on mostly nowadays and babylonjs community can do that as well, because these CAD algorithms can generate BREP solids, which can be meshed to chosen precision levels and they keep their closed boundary representation intact.

I’m also currently building configurators for everyday items, like furniture or gaming assets. Those algorithms and configurators are behind the subscription though, but I hope it’s ok to share some examples of higher-level things that are possible with this stack :slight_smile:

So of course things like small procedural cups are fine to do - like this one here

These two configurators are fun, because they use BabylonJS GUI, which I enjoy a lot.

Here’s a more complex vase configurator that I’ve built and used to actually 3D print these models

This one I did purely to test if I could make more complex things containing many parts - it also has WebXR mode

I’m just really happy that I finally can code these things nowadays and the fact that BabylonJS is so stable is super nice :wink: The list of things to make is enormous, but bit by bit I’ll get there :slight_smile: