CreatiCode: Babylon.js wrapped in Scratch Blocks

Hi everyone,

We have created an educational platform called “CreatiCode”, which offers a fairly complete set of Scratch-style blocks that wrap the Babylon.js library. This is mostly meant for middle-school and high-school students, so that they can build and share fun 3D projects using an interface they are already familiar with.

Here are some demo projects built using such blocks: CreatiCode - 2D + 3D Coding with Blocks

And this page contains some tutorials for 3D projects: Tutorials | CreatiCode Scratch

Any feedback would be appreciated! And many thanks to the Babylon.js team for such a wonderful library!


This is huge !!! cc @PirateJC and @thomlucc

This is AMAZING! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: Love seeing Babylon used for education :slight_smile:

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