Make plane fit into camera view

Hello everyone! Before asking my question I want to thank each and everyone for this amazing comunity we have here. Keep being awsome!

I am trying to make a plane(in my case “ground”) be exactly as big as my camera view(the portion we can see on our screen). From my understanding(I am still a beginner with how camera works) you need to use frustums. What I think it must be done is make the plane object as big as the nearFrustumPlane. I tried printing the plane’s information but i don’t really know how to use that information in order to achive my goal. Is there any way I can set my plane height and width to that of the frustum plane, or isn’t this the right aproach?

Here is my PG:


Make sure you fire camera.update() once before you do this method otherwise there might be some problems. I use this method all the time thanks, @jerome

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