Question about fitting image to match plane mesh

Hi team! It’s been sometime : )

Does anyone know how to fit the image to exactly match the plane? I have the dimensions for the plane correct, but not sure how to ‘stretch’ the image so that it covers the plane 100%. :thinking:
As you can see, there is a lot of black space around the plane (I know I can hide the transparent pixels via hasAlpha=true, but I still want to make the plane fit the image exactly for lots of reasons)

Here’s the PG

I think the task would be easier if the image itself didn’t contain a lot of blank space around it:

I think you can still properly stretch even in this case, but it would require knowing which pixels of the image are transparent and which aren’t. If you had an image that’s more snugly adjusted with the limits it would be a problem less.

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Sure but there are no guarantees that other users won’t do this! : )
Would like to know an automatic solution if it exists, perhaps to do with the uvScale and offsets

Actually you’re right, it’s to do with the image level and assuming to cut off the transparent spacing around it is a big assumption
I will close this thread for now, thanks @carolhmj