Making Babylon.js more accessible?

Are there any best practices to make Babylon.js experiences more accessible for visually impaired users? Can GUI elements be tagged in a self-describing way like with aria tags?

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Hey @msDestiny14, @Deltakosh any thoughts on this?

Personally, I’d just use an HTML UI if accessibility was a requirement for a given project, but if it’s easy to add to Babylon.js GUI then it’d be a worthwhile feature. I suspect it wouldn’t be easy though …

I think the bigger question is how can we make more accessible virtual worlds, not just the user interface? There are guidelines for the web (WCAG etc) but nothing for virtual worlds (that I know of).

On a related note, I’ve always thought it’d be interesting to try to make a 3D environment that is predominantly experienced and navigated via sound i.e. human echolocation.

I have a blind acquaintance who is accomplished at echolocation and teaches it also.


Accessibility is not a requirement but I’d like to do my best to make it as accessible as I can. I think the audio narration would be very interesting way to help with navigation.

So far if this is not a blocker I would recommand HTML UI like @inteja said. We are rendering the GUI in a texture so there is no way that I’m aware of the control the screen reader for instance in that scenario

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Hey @inteja, there is some documentation on making more accessible game worlds if you’re interested!

Xbox Accessibility Guidelines - Game Stack | Microsoft Docs
Game accessibility guidelines | A straightforward reference for inclusive game design

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If you’re interested in audio games, there’s a whole website dedicated to them!

AudioGames, your resource for audiogames, games for the blind, games for the visually impaired!

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Thanks @magibeau . It’s great to know that such resources exist!