Malformed Regular Expression and Reassignment Issue in Inspector

I’m using latest version, 6.33.0. I encountered two warnings in BabylonJS. The first is a malformed regular expression in ‘babylon.inspector.bundle.max.js’ at line 59274, and the second concerns a constant location being assigned multiple times, originally defined in ‘window.js’. Need assistance to resolve these.

And using Google Closure Compiler;

------ WARNING #1 -  -----------------------------------------------------------
 Resource: node_modules/@babylonjs/inspector/dist/babylon.inspector.bundle.max.js:59274:16
 Malformed Regular Expression: %-]
------ WARNING #2 -  -----------------------------------------------------------
 Resource: node_modules/@babylonjs/inspector/dist/babylon.inspector.bundle.max.js:59792:20
 constant location assigned a value more than once.
Original definition at

Not sure why it would be all good in the browsers then ?

@RaananW any ideas ?

Both of those errors seem to be related to an external dependency we are bundling. I can look into it, maybe we need to update the dependency (or replace it altogether)

This should fix it :slight_smile:
Fixing two issues by RaananW · Pull Request #14607 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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