Many PGs broken as URLs no longer working

I realise this isn’t a Babylon or PG issue specifically, but I thought people should be aware that URLs seem to be broken and when I look at raw links in Github now, the URL and format seems to have changed e.g.

A lot of these types of URLs are being used in PGs.

I don’t know if it’s a temporary outage or a permanent change for Github raw URLs.

Maybe I spoke too soon …

The pg here is broken due to a missing scene and createScene function:

Thanks @sebavan

I think what I’ve been noticing often is that a lot of older, presumably once working PGs (because they’ve been linked and discussed in forum questions) are no longer working. For example here’s another I just ran into

Has something changed in the PG to cause once working PGs to no longer work?

It’s not ideal to search and find potential solutions in the forum only to realise the referenced PGs don’t work.

Wondering whether it would be possible, as a future PG feature, to somehow flag non-working PGs (those with errors) in the PG search results or something? Saves sifting through a whole lot of potential junk and getting to the real gems quicker.

@inteja, this is an open issue actually of @RaananW


Yes it is :slight_smile:

Will probably be done after 4.2 is released.