PG is not loaded :(

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Can confirm you cannot load PGs. Also was coding in a PG already loaded and it won’t save. Probably the same issue

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all is fine :slight_smile:

Also the same problem.

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yep working on it…Again a crappy certificate issue

should be fine soon


Should be good now! Sorry folks!




it is still not loaded

Should be all good @nasimiasl do you still have the issue ?

that fixed now thanks

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it back

Here it looks like you are using version 3 which does not exist. This works:

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no i dont :))) i never wrong somebody change that in my computer :slight_smile:
i know somebody here

thanks problem fixed

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Still broken: Babylon.js Playground

What error do you see in the console ?

IT loads ok for me

@sebavan it was giving the certificate error same as previously, but i waited for around 30s and it worked

ok good might have been caching… I hope :slight_smile: