PG5 versus PG4.2 and load gltf assets from


I am surprised by PG behaviour : does ot work with PG4.2 and work with PG5 alpha37

This PG was working some months ago with PG4.2 but now is failing and works with PG5 alpha37

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Both of these work for me in both versions. Can you try clearing your cache?

Hi Gary,

Thabk for your answer and proposal :
FYI : It works well with Edge for both PG5 and PG4.2

I have cleared cache data

  • PG 4.2
  • Chrome Version 92.0.4515.131 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Here is the error in trace window :
babylon.playground.js:16 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'IsSupportedAsync' of undefined

    at t.<anonymous> (VM446 babylon.playground.js:16)
    at VM446 babylon.playground.js:16
    at (VM446 babylon.playground.js:16)
    at VM446 babylon.playground.js:16
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at r (VM446 babylon.playground.js:16)
    at t._compileAndRunAsync (VM446 babylon.playground.js:16)
    at r.callback (VM446 babylon.playground.js:16)
    at e.notifyObservers (babylon.js:16)
    at t.onPlay (VM446 babylon.playground.js:16)

Both playgrounds work fine for me in Chrome also (same version as you). Maybe try an incognito window? Sometimes even clearing the cache doesn’t work.

It is working in “incognito tab”
Thanks for this idea
But this is still weird…

The way we set up the CDNs is kind of weird and it doesn’t refresh the code sometimes. I’ll let @RaananW explain this if you are curious.

There was an issue with the playground version switching last week, which was resolved on friday. I assume this was the reason you saw the error, and @bghgary didn’t.

Regarding CDN - a hard refresh is sometimes required to clear your local cache of playground files. as we don’t change the playground’s code too often, we are caching the playground files locally for a long period of time than the packages we are building in nightly

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Thank you for this answer. It make sense now.
What do you mean by “hard refresh of local cache of playground files”. I do not know how to achieve this since my assets are available through

a hard refresh will not use your local browser cache, and will try loading everything from the server. If the server cached there is little we can do though.
To hard-refresh, reload the page holding the crtl button. Here is a quick guide for all other browsers:

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