Mapping a Texture (any Material slot) in Screenspace

I would like to map textures in Screenspace onto an 3D object, basically for any material slot - PBR material.
So the image stays always parallel to camera. (the refraction texture is doing something like that I guess)
Want to do this for any material slot like albedo, normal, iridescence etc.

Can this be done without custom material/shader?

I dont necessarily want to use a decal or a screenspace effect like an overlay, but rather do this in the PBR material of the object itself as I want to have the e.g. albedo be effected by the topology or normals and the other parameters of the material, which may not be in ScrSpace coordinates.

Eg. like in the image attached.

Thanks. Werner

Do you mean something like this:


If so, this only works with the reflection texture. Maybe you can use a node material to achieve what you want?

Yes this is the mapping what I want to achieve.
It should not be only the reflection texture, but possible for all slots in the material.
So instead e.g. Albedo texture is using e.g. UV0 coordinates of the object it should be mapped using Screenspace coordinates.

Not sure if I speak proper “shader language” and if that makes sense.

The effect is then more like, that the texture is kind of “projected” onto the object, but also able to take the normals, specular or so from the other slots of the material e.g. a roughness or normal.

So it would “just” use different UV coordinates.


This mode is only supported by the reflection texture in the standard/pbr materials.

You would have to create a node material and implement the planar projection mode calculation to be able to use the uv coordinates for other textures.

I see. I just tried that with the other slots, and yeah doesnt work. So I will look into the node materials.
But if I want to not use the playground and node editor… then it only can be done via custom shader I guess. okay, need to consult our programmer. :wink:

Can a node material be implemented in a project offline? Not in the PG?

Oh I see. I can load the .json locally as material. hmm. Lets try this :wink:

OMG. OMG. OMG. (LOL) I didnt realize that we can use the NME and then just also use the created material in the project like just by importing the .json
I was checking the NME out 2 years earlier in the PG but never looked at it again, as I thought its only PG.

this is more then incredible!!! OGM (LOL again).