Why the color space of PBR material is different between the Playground and the Sandbox enviroment?

Hello There!
When I drag my custom babylon file to the sandbox enviroment, the PBR material seems to be rendered in gamma space. But everything looks fine when the file is loaded in the Playground. What’s the difference? Can I change the color space in the Sandbox?

Weird, I don’t have the issue in the sandbox. Note that you don’t have the background loaded, maybe an addon is blocking some content on your side?

I can not repo in the sandbox either, this is indeed really strange :frowning: Could you describe the steps you are using to repro ? I would like to address this ASAP

@Vinc3r @sebavan


Sorry for the late reply. I changed the babylon file by myself. Maybe something is wrong in the PBR material data. But I cannot find it.

@sebavan @Vinc3r
I notice that the “_imageProcessingConfiguration” property is different. When I replace the value of those parameters to the right side. It seems to be OK now!

makes sense you were having _applyByPostProcess to true disabling the gamma convertion :slight_smile: