Material.clone() doesn't clone all material plugins



    const material2 = line1.material.clone()


Thank you!

This PR will fix the problem:

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This causes issues for me:

because the constructor of GreasedLinePluginMaterial is

        material: Material,
        private _scene: Scene,
        options: GreasedLineMaterialOptions
    ) {

and the Instantiate doesn’t set any parameters, obviously.

I’ll make the constructor working even without these parameters.

OK, seems to be working now :wink:
Cloning successful!

For ES6 to work, I think you will need to add this line at the end of the plugin file:

RegisterClass("BABYLON.GreasedLinePluginMaterial", GreasedLinePluginMaterial);

With this import:

import { RegisterClass } from "../Misc/typeStore";

Its working fine without this stuff. I’ve even created a cloning example PG and put it in the docs.

Even when using ES6? In ES6, there’s no “BABYLON” namespace, and so “BABYLON.GreasedLinePluginMaterial” should not be found, so Tools.Instantiate("BABYLON." + pluginClassName) should not work.

Note that it is not the cloning that will fail, but the serialization + parsing (Tools.Instantiate("BABYLON." + pluginClassName) is done in the Parse function).

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Ehm, I just tried it in the Playground, where the BABYLON namespace is available. Now I get what did you mean. I am going to have a look at it.

This was absolutely correct! I’ve looked into another classes and it’s done this way.

RegisterClass has been added to GreasedLinePluginMaterial.

Many thanks!