Material is not applied properly on the mesh


Basically I am newbie to this Babylon.js thing and exploring things now.
I have one model exported to Babylon and I am using sandbox to view it and to apply the backed material on to it, But when I apply the material is not getting applied properly they way I applied in 3ds max. Is there any way I can fix this?

resolution will be a great help…

Screenshot of your 3DSmax material configuration, and the result when dropped in the sandbox could help :wink:

(as this is your first post - welcome - you may not be able to embed images in your post, use websites like for this)

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Thanks for quick reply…
you can look at the images added here…

I think the easiest fix is to:

  • in 3dsMax, keep your vray mtl on your current model
  • duplicate this model, which will then be exported, but using a standard material (or physical one), with all its textures already set up
  • export and drag&drop in the sandbox: it should be fine without any modifications

In your screenshot, it looks like it’s just a matter of UV channel used by the texture. Are you baking using UV2 channel? If so, modify the coordinatesIndex used by your texture.

(called UV set in the Inspector)