Materials deprecated?

Hey there again!

I was recently experimenting with materials in BJS, and was happy with the ease of adding textures, until this came up. My ground was using StandardMaterial, but I didn’t want reflections to appear, so I went on a search to see all the materials available in BJS. I didn’t find any of the “how-to” to explain all the materials (I felt that was weird…). Still in search, I found SimpleMaterial and NormalMaterial. I tested their outcomes in a PG and it worked absolutely fine. BUT when I put it in my game, it says that SimpleMaterial is not a constructor. I’m using the non-minified version of BJS 4.0.3. I went into the lib and searched for any keyword related to SimpleMaterial or NormalMaterial, but I didn’t find any…

My code:
ground.material = new BABYLON.SimpleMaterial("groundMaterial", scene);
The above working in PG though.

(I’m assuming its deprecated)

I don’t want to go out checking every material this way, is there any place to see all the deprecated features?

And yes, I tried adjusting the roughness of the StandardMaterial, it doesn’t change any thing (as I tried)…

I’m using a HemisphericLight, if that helps…

(Sorry if this is a bad question, I’m a beginner :smiley: )

Thanks for reading through! Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty sure there is a dependency for the materials.

Here is the materials script. You’ll need to add this to your project. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @Givo (as always)! Before I breathe, I get an answer from you! I was actually searching libs with babylon and not babylonjs, so mb there.

Glad I could help!