'matricesIndicesExtra' : undeclared identifier

So I’m having trouble with a node material/shader, after adding the Bone node it will start spamming errors in the console but will load and work just fine?

The console looks like this babylon.js:16 BJS - [05:07:04]: Unable to compile effect: e._ErrorEnabled @ bab - Pastebin.com

It only happens when I try to apply it to a .babylon mesh, even after setting numBoneInfluencers to 4. If I apply it to the same mesh but exported as .gltf it will load and work fine without the errors I get when I apply it to the .babylon mesh.

Can’t provide a pl/nme right now and hoping someone has an idea about what’s going on anyway, I’ll try to make assets an pl available otherwise.

Try to call yourNodeMaterial.build() after setting mesh.numBoneInfluencers = 4 and see if that helps.

It did work, it appears changing it in the mesh also worked I just had to also change the filename, I’m assuming cache made it not work.

So why am I getting this either way? I thought the limit was 8 for .babylon?