Max hardware scaling level

Hello guys,

I am using rendering on demand in a lot of my scenes. So while the scene changes I decrease the quality and if everything is static I increase it to max settings. Most powerful setting is the hardware scaling level. I would love to supersample the canvas to infinity but unfortunately that’s not possible. Depending on the device the browser crashes if I set the hardware scaling level too low.

My question is: Is it possible to determine the lowest hardware scaling level possible? Since it’s only necessary to render one frame with this setting I want to push it to the edge.


Unfortunately no. we do not have access to the browser memory and thus we cannot estimate the max value :frowning:

Too bad :frowning:

Does the lowest hsl depend on the scene? Or doesn’t it matter how complex the meshes are and how big the textures are?

does not depend on the scene :slight_smile: so half good news!

You can try using lowest values iteratively until the render width (or height) does not increase anymore:

On my computer, the final level is 0.125 (size=6072x5463) with the default Playground render window size but only 0.25 (size=7438x4460) if I widen the render window before starting the PG.

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I love it! I will make some tests with it. Thank you very much!!!