Maya MorphTarget

Is there something special to get morph targets exported.?
I cant get it to work.

Pinging @Drigax

@Drigax any news?

Sorry, this thread got lost in the mix. I’m not aware of any open issues with exporting morphtargets in Maya. Though as I refactor the Maya codebase, I’m seeing some disparity between the Babylon and Gltf export paths, there a good chance that this was only fully functional when exporting gltf

I can test going through the workflow of setting them up from scratch, but please feel free to send me your scene so I can take a closer look at it.


I’m not sure what you’re running into here. I created a scene in Maya 2019 with a basic UV sphere and a created a blend shape attribute with a few morph targets:



It looks like both the .babylon and .glTF export paths preserve the morph targets properly for me.

I will do an other test and report back.

still not working.
here is the maya file. (15.5 KB)

Found the issue. You need to clone the object first and add the morphtargets the “old” way.
Is there any way that we dont have to use this outdated workflow?

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I wasn’t aware there was an alternative workflow, how do you create morph targets without cloning the original mesh?

Just click on “Add Target” in the UI.
If you work that way you could change the topo and the blendshapes does still work.

Ah, I see! I talked with @PatrickRyan, he helped me understand this as well, thanks.

Currently I’m unsure if we can support this without some major effort, I’m mostly concerned about investigating the OpenMaya API to see if we can reconstruct the target mesh from the blend shape data. The .Babylon spec requires that blendshapes/morphtargets are represented as full meshes, rather than transforms from the original mesh, and we derive the glTF from that format.

If there’s an easy way to get this per-vertex data, then it should be doable.

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Thanks for the info.
For now we do it the old way.

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