Fix morph target value when exporting glb file

there are about 100 morph targets in my avatar model. after pinching face, i want to export a glb model
without any morph targets but the morph targets are fixed by user.

how can i fix the morph targets into the model and remove all blendshape channel?

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! Can you give a bit more details about your situation? Do you want to export a .glb file in Babylon without the morph targets?

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Yes, for example, i have a glb modelA with a lot of morph targets, i pinch a face with smile expression base on modelA, then i want to export a glb modelB without any morph targets but with smile expression.

so, how can i export the glb modelB?

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one, you’d either have to run the morph calculations on the vertices by yourself, or read back the vertex data that was transformed by the vertex shader. @sebavan any ideas?

Yes, but the way you mention is quiet complex to me. it means that i have to manipulate vertex data directly.

This is a complex task indeed :slight_smile: