Meet Andy, the newest member of the Babylon.js team!

Hey everybody, my name is Andy and I’ve been a Babylon.js user for a while but I recently joined the development team and as part of this new role I’ll be a lot more active here on the forum helping people out!

My main experience and knowledge is with C++ and web audio so feel free to ping me if you have BabylonNative or music/sound/audio questions.

For more about me check out today’s blog post: Meet Andy, the newest member of the Babylon team! | by Babylon.js | Sep, 2022 | Medium

Code on!
~ Andy Fillebrown


So cool, @docEdub :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Love that you’ll be giving love to the already awesome Babylon audio engine. So important to do many applications (including our own, Frame!).


Awesome!! Looking forward to seeing more audio support :grinning:

I learnt about Reality Hack from your post, thanks!

Cool youtube videos you have! I’m starting a project that uses Babylon and is related to music, your videos are good inspiration! Thanks

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